Sugar Skulls, Paper Flowers; Chasing Light, The Golden Hour

Many Excellent sugar Photographs

  1. Sugar Skulls, Paper Flowers; Chasing Light, The Golden Hour
    Image by Brandon Christopher Warren
    Posters, Prints, etc available here:…

    Large View Please!

    Its been a while since my last big production, but heres one of a few that are coming up this week!

    This is the incredible Cali Lowdermilk, who appears in one other shot in my photo stream.

    I have summer portfolio coming up and I had the idea of painting a face up to look like a softer version of the popular "Sugar Skulls" that frequent Dia de los Muertos festivals.

    Took about 2 days to make the set with the help of Kathy Sunderman.

    The makeup was a collaborative effort by Melissa Melvin Rodriguez, Holly Rose Mann, Cali, and myself.

    Hope you guys like it!

  2. Sugar Mill
    Image by Pavel P.
    Prosenice, Czech Republic
    August 2013

    A wall belongs to active sugar mill. Producing sugar since 1881.

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  3. Sugar Pine Walk – Laurel Hill
    Image by sachman75
    On my way down to Wagga, I made a diversion to a place called Laurel Hill, just outside Batlow. In a minute section of the Bago State Forest, sits the Sugar Pine Walk. These sugar pines, which are native to the USA, reach into the sky and makes for a enchanting place. A pathway has been created so that you can comfortably immerse yourself in this almost ethereal location.

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